Dadhimathi Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya

Sri Ganganagar (Raj.)

Elementary Teachers Training Institute, S.T.C 


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Psychological Laboratory

List of Psychological Tests available in Laboratory:- 

A.  Intelligences Test :-

1. General Intelligence Test

2. Group Intelligence Test (Dr.Prayag Mahta)

3. Culture free intelligence Test (Dr.R.B.Cattall)

4. Abstract Reasoning (George K.B. Bennett)

5. Group Test of General Mental Ability-1972 (Hindi) S.S.jalota

6. Group Test of intelligence (Hindi) R.K.Tandon

7. Bhatiya Battery Performance Intelligence Test- Soaring Pad.


B.    Personality Tests :-

1.Rorachach Psycho- diagnostics (Clinical Test & Measured)

2. T.A.T. Cards (Uma Chaydhary)

3. Neuroticsn scale Questionnaire.

4. Picture- Frustration test Rosenzweig.


C.   Inventories :-

1. Revised adjustment inventory (Hindi) P.Kumar.

2. Teacher adjustment inventory (Hindi) S.K.Mangal.

3. Adjustment inventory-Asthana

4. The School Adjustment Inventory (Hindi) N.M.Bhagia.

5. Kundu Neurotic Personality Inventory (Dr.Kundu).

6. Non-Language Performance Record Chatterji (George K.Bennatt).

7. Test of Mechanical comprehension.

8. Reading Ability Test.


D.    Aptitude Tests :-

1. Teacher Aptitude Battery R.P.Singh.

2. Clerical Aptitude Test.

3. Scientific Knowledge & Aptitude Test (S.Chattatji).


E.  Attitude Tests :-

1. Minasota Teacher Attitude Test-Walter.W.Cook.

2. Attitude scale towards Education (Hindi).

3. Study Habits & Attitude Test-Joshi & Penday.

4. Attitude towards Teaching Profession: scals.


F.   Other Tests :-

1. Achievement value & Anxiety Prayag Mehta.

2. Reading Ability Test Dr.Prabjot.

3. Mirror Drawing Apparatus.

4. Human Problem Solving.

5. Span of Attention Card.

6. Techistoscope Fall type.

7. Photograph of eminent foreign psychologist frued, Willialm Woundt.Kohlar, William ,M.C.Dougal.

8. Socio economic status scale Rural (Hindi) S.P.Kulshretha.

9. Socio economic status scale urban (Hindi) S.P.Kulshretha.

10. Santence Completion test L.N.Dubyey.

11. Teacher Effectiveness Scale (Hindi) P.Kumar & D.N.Mutha.

12. Group Test of Intelligence R.K.Tandan (Hindi).

13. Social intelligence scale N.K.Chanda & Usha Ganeshan.

14. Teacher values inventory (Hindi)-S.P.Ahluwalia.

15. Educational Aspiration scale form V-Hindi- V.P. Sharma & A.gupta.

16. General Intelligence Test (Hindi)-Mohsin.

17. Revised Bhatias Short Battery of Performance Test of Intelligence for Adults S.K.Verma & D.Parsad.

18. Verbal Test of creative thinking (T.C.W.) Bayer Mahdi.

19. Test of Scientific creativity V.P.Sharma & J.P.Shukla.

20. Teaching Aptitude Test (Hindi) - Jai prakash & R.P.Srivastva.

21. Interest inventory for girls (Hindi) Sodhi & Bhatnagar.

22. Attitude scale towards Education (Hindi)-S.L.Chopra.


                                                                                                     (Shri. S.P.Trivedi)




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